Kitten Season 2016

Kitten Season has officially begun at Squan Animal Hospital. If you are interested in adopting a kitten or two stop in or call us. If you don’t find a kitten…

Kitten Season 2015

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Myth Buster #4

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Beneful Food Controversy?

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Myth Buster #2

Myth #2: “You’re telling me my pet needs an anaesthetic but she’s 13 years old. She won’t survive” The reality… As long as a pet is healthy (meaning the internal…

Myth Buster #1

Pet Food Myth #1 – Diets containing Grain are bad. “Grain-free” diets are better. Once again, if you have heard, read or believe this you’ve been mislead. “Whole grains, rather…

Dukes Happy Ending!

               Duke started off as one of our kittens that we had come in this summer who was looking for his forever home. He now has a wonderful home with…

Kitten Season 2014 has come to a close!

Our Kitten season for 2014 has come to a close. We have successfully adopted 42 kittens which has been our best season yet. Thank you to all whom have adopted…