Monmouth County NJ Squan’ Animal Hospital Treats Yellow Labrador With Diabetes

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Monmouth County NJ Animal Hospital Treats Yellow Labrador For DiabetesYellow Labrador With Diabetes

Squan’ Animal Hospital recently treated this Manasquan NJ local Yellow Labrador for Diabetes. The warning signs his Brielle NJ owner had for the illness, including an advanced age of 12 1/2 years, included excessive drinking, peeing and also some generally noticeable discomfort.

Diabetes In Dogs Defined

Diabetes in dogs is a deficiency of insulin, where the pancreas is not producing enough. Insulin is a hormone that is needed by the body to regulate glucose metabolism, basically insulin controls sugar levels that gives the body energy.   Diabetes usually happens in middle aged to older dogs. Common diabetic signs are: drinking a lot of water, urinating a lot, weight loss and being less energetic. Diabetes is easy to detect with a blood and urine test.  

Treating Diabetes In Dogs

The treatment for diabetes is insulin injection twice a day to regulate sugar levels in the body.  The injections are very easy to give and diabetic dogs can live a happy life for many years. Occasional blood tests are required to make sure the optimal dose of insulin is being administered. If left untreated, advanced stages can become life threatening.


This Manasquan NJ local Yellow Labrador was diagnosed & treated here at Squan Animal Hospital. He’s now getting his Insulin twice per day, checking in for regular blood tests and he’s living a happy Brielle NJ family life!

If you’re dog seems uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to get in touch!  We offer a warm, cozy, quaint environment with individualized veterinary service & care for your pet.

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