Ocean NJ Springer Spaniel Treated For Kidney Failure At Squan Animal Hospital

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Kidney (Renal) Failure in Dogs

Ocean, NJ Springer Spaniel Treated for Kidney Failure at Squan Animal HospitalPictured is Emma, a 12 year old Springer Spaniel, who lives in Ocean NJ. She has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure due to a bacterial infection.  A culture and sensitivity test performed at Squan Animal Hospital directed us to the proper antibiotic choice and she is currently improving and we are hoping for a full recovery.

What is Renal Failure? 

The body has two kidneys to filter the blood removing toxins to be excreted in the urine.  Kidneys also preserve nutrients like glucose, proteins and electrolytes for the body to use.  Animals can function with one kidney.  In fact more than 67% of kidney function must be lost before toxins build up in the body and become detectable on a blood test.  The pet may feel sick.  Signs you may notice can include drinking or urinating a lot, decreased appetite, weight loss and lethargy.  If you notice any of these signs in your pet a veterinarian will run tests such as blood and urine tests to start off with and possibly cultures, X-Rays, ultrasound, and/or biopsies may be needed.

What caused my dog to be in Kidney Failure?

Causes of kidney failure include drugs and toxins, such as advil, antifreeze and eating grapes. Bacterial infections in the kidneys and systemic infections such as Lyme disease can cause kidney failure. A partial list of other causes include cancers, inflammatory diseases, inherited conditions, and old age can all affect the kidneys.  Due to the many different causes, outcomes vary on a case by case basis.

Please visit Kidney Failure for more detailed information.


This Ocean, NJ Springer Spaniel was diagnosed & treated here at Squan Animal Hospital. She’s now able to relax comfortably on her front porch and enjoy her family, while only having to check in with us every so often for blood tests to monitor kidney levels. For the past few years Emma has also received Acupuncture Treatments to help with her long standing Arthritis. Once her kidney disease was identified, Dr. Varga, a certified Veterinarian and Acupucturist, incorporated general support for Emma’s kidneys into her treatments, which also helped to stimulate her appetite. 

If you’re dog seems uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to get in touch!  We offer a warm, cozy, quaint environment with individualized veterinary service & care for your pet.

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