Snuggles’ Success Story

Posted on 27-09-2013 , by: Andrew Levin , in , , 0 Comments


Hi my name is Snuggles. I am a 13.5 year old pug who was given 6 months to live 2 years ago, today. See I have been fighting for my life for over 5 years now. It started with having been diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer and Diabetes back in late summer and fall of 2008. Then, 5 months later I developed Cataracts from the diabetes. Mommy opted for cataract surgery immediately and after surgery I developed 4 different types of eye infections that caused me to go fully blind. Two years after the cataract surgery I was told I have Glaucoma in my left eye from the surgery. One month later I got the worst news of all. No matter what mom was doing for me my blood glucose reading was all over the place in a 2 month period so we opted for an X-ray, ultrasound and blood work. Both showed my liver shrunk so tiny and the blood work showed my bile acid numbers were off the charts. The Internist told us I was in Advanced Liver Disfunction. They explained that I was to old for a biopsy to determine the cause and due to the severity I would have a life expectancy of 6 months. There was nothing else they could do for me other then treat individual symptoms as they show themselves. Then, the list grew and 1 year ago they diagnosed me with Chronic Bronchitis. Well, with lots of tender love and care and persistence from my mom and my favorite veterinarians Dr. Levin and holistic vet Dr. Paul, also thanks to amazing holistic and homeopathic remedies and diet change I stand here with you today, 2 years later, cancer free, my diabetes, glaucoma, advanced liver disfunction and chronic bronchitis are all under complete control and I am still fighting strong. Please have faith and bring out the fight in you… It extended my life and yes I am very comfortable!!! Love and Hope everyone.