Myth Buster #1

Posted on 25-02-2015 , by: shannon , in , 0 Comments


Pet Food Myth #1 – Diets containing Grain are bad. “Grain-free” diets are better.

Once again, if you have heard, read or believe this you’ve been mislead.

“Whole grains, rather than being fillers, contribute valuable nutrients including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and fiber to diets while helping to keep the fat and calories lower than if animal products were used in their place. Even refined grains such as white rice can have beneficial health implications depending on the type of diet and the pet. The vast majority of dogs are very efficient at digesting and utilizing nutrients from grains. While some dogs are allergic to specific grains, these allergies are no more common than allergies to animal proteins such as chicken, beef and dairy and tend to reflect the prevalence of the ingredient in commercial diets rather than enhanced antigenicity.