Myth Buster #2

Posted on 25-02-2015 , by: shannon , in , 0 Comments

Victor Cruz

Myth #2: “You’re telling me my pet needs an anaesthetic but she’s 13 years old. She won’t survive”

The reality… As long as a pet is healthy (meaning the internal organs are all working properly) there is no reason that they can’t have an anaesthetic procedure. Today’s anaesthetics and the way we monitor the patients is far superior than “yesteryear”. The oldest pet I have personally anaesthetized quite successfully without any trouble at all was a 19 year old dog.
Keep something in mind… the Queen Mother (now deceased) had reportedly a total hip transplantation (with anaesthesia) at the age of 95 years of age. As stated previously, old age is not a disease and is not a reason for avoiding a necessary procedure.